B-Roll                                                         Reporter                                Travis Long

Does This Make Me Look Fat?               Lauren                                   Aniruddh Pandit


The Brian Regan Show                       Doctor                                  Netflix

Fresh Off the Boat                               Mom                                    ABC

The Mindy Project                               Maxine                                 Hulu

BUNK                                                    The Other Woman              IFC

Floaters                                                     Lead                                      PhoebeTV

Chaos Theory                                           Lead                                      PhoebeTV


List available upon request


Are You A DILDO?                                     Buzzfeed

Budweiser Good                                      College Humor

The Nine Voters                                        College Humor

Perfectly Aligned                                      Funny or Die

Beer Goggles                                           Funny or Die

Dignity                                                       HuffPo Comedy


Chinatown Bust                                        Solo Show                             Comedy Central Stage, UCB and The Loft Ensemble, Los Angeles

The Seagull                                               Paulina                                   The Arc Light Theater, New York

The Stock Home                                       Founding Cast Member       Fringe Festival, New York

Philomel & Procne                                    Procne                                   Amato Opera House, New York

Combustion: COVET                                Founding Cast Member       Amato Opera House, New York

Endgame                                                  Hamm                                   Minor Latham Playhouse, New York    


The Armando Show                                 Improv                                   Improv Olympics West

Hello Giggles Presents                             Sketch                                    UCB, LA

Radio Picture Show                                  Sketch                                    The Virgil, LA

Quiet Library                                             Improv/Sketch                      UCB, New York

Equipo Jesus                                             Improv                                   The Magnet, New York


Scene Study                                        Myra Turley 

Upright Citizen’s Brigade                      Owen Burke, Jason Mantzoukas, Michael Delaney, Seth Morris & Betsy Stover (Improv)

The Magnet                                            Armando Diaz (Improv / Sketch)

One on One                                            Paul Schnee

Moscow Art Theatre Academy              Alexander Marine, Felix Ivanov, Erica Eigenberg

School of Russian Art Theater               Slava Dogachev, Andre Droznin

Barnard College, Columbia University    Alumna (Full Program)